If there’s one thing Japan has taught me it’s how horrifying comfort can be
@latifnasser Really too bad Cornelius got cancel cultured for something he apologized for doing in high school in a magazine article right before the Olympics here. The opening ceremony definitely would have been more lit with their music.
@latifnasser Japan’s prefecture logos See also: https://t.co/p5n9KjUJe8 (One of my favorite Design Ah segments, and one of the best Cornelius/Design Ah collaborations. https://t.co/Y1fOnh8bLQ
@nope_its_lily @wintonARK @pienuthome They can create something that’s not creative but can do what a lot we ask it to so long as it doesn’t involve creativity that a human hasn’t programmed yet, then “we didn’t it”. The meaning of AGI will have changed, great marketing, but we won’t have replicated consciousness.
♻️ Sick of people calling everything in crypto a Ponzi scheme. Some crypto projects are pump and dump schemes, while others are…
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@SipOfKoKo But, the tweet implies that white people's criticism is worth less than other people's. Criticism is criticism, and solutions are valid solutions, regardless of who says them. The real problem is EVERYONE in Japan is oppressed. "Equal oppression" is impossible.
@SipOfKoKo Decided to respond to your quote tweet because I agreed with it most
@SipOfKoKo Besides, if it's true that better ideas are more likely to come from people who aren't white, it's worth ignoring Noah Smith's own ideas on the matter. https://t.co/tzyAZV0cUJ
@ratwell0x A rat tweeting about cheese? I’ll take it with a grain of salt then
♻️ What's your dream currency? https://t.co/myI1FbhMjk
@codybaldwin Maybe go to his tweet and say this. I never implied criticism from white people was inherently less va… https://t.co/tBdkUnPlMH
@codybaldwin That’s awesome, best wishes :)
The bookseller, Iraq https://t.co/HZ1HGwTl7w
Reminder that I taught myself digital art and color theory and mastered photorealism by drawing Castiel hundreds of… https://t.co/gDfxI0wI7N
This is unsustainable for Republicans. Election denial and fixation on 2020 grievances may be popular in primary… https://t.co/UVdVAH4WGQ
AI-art isn't art: DALL-E and other AI artists offer only the imitation of art: https://t.co/SpkLxUwKHc Comments: https://t.co/gur36dM4KG
@MarediaShehzan @milessuter Sure. You see a pile of ceramic shards laying out on the floor. People keep stepping… https://t.co/gBImuJ0ysL
@milessuter it makes quite a lot of sense actually... can you steelman the big bang?
The Big Bang is the dumbest foundational framework embedded into our collective worldview. Literally makes no sense.
@codybaldwin That’s awesome, best wishes :)
M.C. Escher's «Relatvity» made with LEGO, by Andrew Lipson [source, hi-res + read more: https://t.co/60ch1q7RmE] https://t.co/DH7fszRwMS
@milessuter @AstroKatie Quote from said book, and more on the discovery of Penzias and Wilson here: https://t.co/RKaWcgHOce
Rolls-Royce to be 'major #energy exporter' as new #Nuclear reactors are destined for #EU 'with #UK stamp'⚛️🇬🇧 Risin… https://t.co/4dPKUufYwK
I wonder if it’s time to replace continuous math calculus with discrete (more sophisticated summations, series) in… https://t.co/GUFQFY4Klw
While #Russia's #Uranium is not yet officially sanctioned, Russian planes carrying #Nuclear fuel are banned from EU… https://t.co/hyANy0eZxS
Mikko Lagerstedt is a self-taught fine art photographer who loves to capture night, and atmospheric photography. Th… https://t.co/5yDbziUQUo
Oasis somptueux https://t.co/ssGYCzEf7Z
Could easily see big jump on technicals and options repositioning. The talking heads will signal the All Clear. Bu… https://t.co/znqZj9urbu
12 years ago today, Laszlo Hanyecz had tens of thousands of bitcoin he had mined just burning a hole in his pocket.… https://t.co/f7G5c51vlq
Romance! Baz Luhrman's 2004 $13M 2 min ad for Chanel 5. With Nicole. https://t.co/cLgIVDJog8
People value being able to sleep at night apparently. https://t.co/mkcNWC61kS
@JerseyFutures @CathieDWood @ARKInvest Dude this is an absolutely nonsensical prediction
@wintonARK @pienuthome This is absolutely not what people define as AGI.
Also few people believe AGI will be reached rapidly. we can’t even define it ffs
Some of the comments under this are pretty sad. It’s pretty obvious we’ve never in history seen 30-50% real GDP gro… https://t.co/vwaPGX5lwU
@CathieDWood @ARKInvest kinda sad you're going to be remembered for a long time as an archetype of women in investi… https://t.co/fIvxjBi8d2
#Bitcoin is outperforming $ETH over 5 year timeframe. https://t.co/A8TdXfARYf
There is something special about being able to look up the 10 000 BTC Pizza transaction straight from my own Bitcoi… https://t.co/MMNlXxAq2U
I mean, Japan is a pretty racist country towards non-Japanese. Still, if you’re white, you’re probably closer to th… https://t.co/UAURCQMln2
@Noahpinion Kind of a cringe take. Getting strong "dont be a bad immigrant who criticizes the country you move to" vibes
possibly preparing backing for a us government issued stablecoin? https://t.co/aKGbBtwr1y
1-year diff: $4.0 → $5.8 https://t.co/g5V5w8ltzk
What's your dream currency? https://t.co/47VfzgFqmR https://t.co/myI1FbhMjk
@realjuliasong https://t.co/ISNkDXykRF
Why I decided to stick with @Flickr https://t.co/TQ9VlUPCmr
https://t.co/6SIdXyCSg3 https://t.co/dUjuoMBuyt